Welcome to Splash!

The game

Featuring a hilarious storyline and intuitive controls, Splash will put players in the shoes of a young Panda in his quest to find his lost bath ducks through 60 levels, divided into four cartoon universes. Splash is a puzzle-plateforming game which uses water physics-based gameplay to slip and leap through levels strewn with pitfalls.

Dive on the duckest adventure :

A young Panda has lost all his bath ducks and he couldn’t bathe without them. The adventure will take players from “Bubble School”, where he will learn to master the power of water bubble, to more dangerous places, such as the “Volcano Mania”. But not so fast! The way to find all the ducks is not so quiet and players will encounter even more challenges. They must be quick, clever, and fearless if they want to succeed. As players are going deeper on the game, Splash will require tactical maneuvers and well-planned strategy to achieve the levels on time.